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Jarryd lives and trains in Athens, Georgia, with his wife, Lea, and son, Levi. He is currently training for the 2021 Tokyo Paralymic Games. 



Jarryd Wallace is not your typical high school track star turned professional athlete.

That's because Jarryd's pursuit of world-class athletics took a detour at age 18 when he was diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome. In what should have been his first year as a Division 1 athlete, Jarryd faced the stark reality of the amputation of his right leg.

While most people saw tragedy, Jarryd came to understand his circumstances in different terms. Jarryd views life as a process of discovering one's own potential. This potential is not defined by stop watches, Gold Medals or financial windfalls. Instead, it is the spirit of living life to the fullest regardless of challenging circumstances. This is a virtue we can all pursue, a shared part of the human experience.

Since his amputation, Jarryd has competed in three Paralympic Games, won a Paralympic bronze medal in the 200m race, set four World Records and become the nation's fastest amputee. In fact, his speed surpasses that of many NFL running backs.

On his amazing journey, the words Jarryd has come to live by are "My body is as able as my mind is willing."

Too many people, unfortunately, allow life's challenges to define their existence. Jarryd made the decision never to let “disability” define him.

Through his work speaking to communities across the country, Jarryd is exposing others to the untapped potential they have inside. "Most people can’t even begin to realize how much they are capable of," says Jarryd, "until they find themselves in a situation that requires them to do unimaginable things. My aim is to help people realize how much more is possible, so they can lead lives of incredible fulfillment and value to others.”

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